will i save money by pivoting my event to digital?

will i save money by pivoting my event to digital?

a commonly asked question is, “if I take my event into the virtual world, will i save money?”, after all, there are no venue hire costs, no catering and promotion material can be sent on email for free. our answer to this lies within your event objectives and your audience’s expectations of the digital experience. here we outline 3 key factors to consider when budgeting for your next virtual event:

your digital platform

there are many digital platforms to choose from when it comes to hosting a virtual meeting and it is important you select the correct platform for your requirements. many platforms come with expensive annual subscriptions as well as hidden costs for additional features, so remember to ask questions, know what features you are looking for and never be scared to negotiate! you may also need to build in time to customise your platform, keeping in mind that there can be a lot of work involved in uploading your own content and features.

content translation and audience engagement

translating live content into digital content may not be as straightforward as you first thought – after all, who wants to be sat at their desk for hours listening to talk after the talk? be conscious of your audience and remember to engage dynamic speakers that relate to your audience and ultimately deliver your content successfully.

physical gifts and samples

as with in-person events, you might decide to send guests a gift or some sample products to try during the broadcast. this is a hospitable gesture which will no doubt go down a treat, however, you must remember there is cost associated with postage and packaging that need to be included within your event budget.

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