will the handshake make a comeback?

will the handshake make a comeback?

a handshake is not only the most traditional of nonverbal greetings but also a great opportunity to create trust, build rapport and make a lasting impression. one study even showed that people are two times more likely to remember you if you shake hands with them.

so, in these times of social distancing and no contact what will become of the handshake?

at the moment you’re probably not missing it – but then how many people have you met in recent weeks that you would have shaken hands with? when we get back into the work environment and are face to face, it may feel like you don’t know how to greet anyone anymore.

when meeting new clients and suppliers you will still want to build trust and rapport and i’m not sure that an elbow bump is going to cut it. it’s definitely something to think about in the coming months as our contact with new people picks up. will a cheerful smile be enough for people to remember you?

my advice would be to be smiley and open and to listen and engage. you may not be able to make contact but people buy people, and you will be remembered for all of those things… rather than just the fact that you shook their hand. we can still continue to forge great relationships in these times