Cabot Square Capital AGM

Event Type : Cabot Square Capital AGM

Attendee Numbers : 100

Location : HubSeven Platform

Other work : First event

SevenEvent Services

  • Virtual Event Management Platform
  • Studio AV and production design
  • Content management and speaker coaching
  • Live webinar and webcast management
  • Team building and delivery logistics
  • Budgetary management

The Event

Cabot Square Capital LLP were looking for a virtual solution to host their AGM, to present to the investors in the CSC funds a market overview, the previous year’s fund activity and the existing and prospective portfolio companies owned by the funds. With 24 speakers introducing and presenting over a 5 hour event, as well as a panel discussion at the end of the event, this involved a lot of careful planning and logistical management to ensure the day ran smoothly. Our solution to ensure a successful event was to put a high level of focus on speaker management, with one person from the project team dedicated to the presenters. We had technical checks well ahead of the event, and a rehearsal running through the event end to end exactly as it would be on the live day allowing every speaker to familiarise themselves and feel fully comfortable with the broadcast, virtual green room and navigating their slides. The rehearsal included us broadcasting into our Hub with the clients watching as a delegate would, to fully cover every aspect of the event ahead of the day. A detailed run of show and a dedicated member of the Sevenevents team showcalling on the day, meant a successful event and a happy client!


“Thanks again for all yours and Seven’s efforts in hosting yesterday’s event - was a great success!.” “Thanks all – I thought it was a great event and only made possible by the Seven team. Thanks for being a pleasure to work with.”