Capco at Tobacco Dock

Event Type : Company Christmas Party

Attendee Numbers : 700 attendees

Location : Tobacco dock

Other work : Calendar of events between 2017 - 2019

SevenEvent Services

  • Venue sourcing, contracting and management
  • Event Management (Design, manage, deliver both pre and onsite)
  • AV/Production (Design, installation, managed)
  • Risk management, health and safety management
  • Budgetary management
  • Delegate Management
  • Client de-brief and scoping sessions for continuous success

The Event

One of the key objectives for Capco is to ensure that the venues they host employee events in fit their culture of being yourself at work and transforming, progressing and evolving. Tobacco Dock was the perfect fit, suiting the brand being a newly renovated and progressive space, that celebrates its unique heritage with exposed brickwork and an unpolished vibe. Fun is the other key ingredient of any Capco event, so we created the whimsical theme ‘under the Christmas tree’ with giant decorations, oversized presents elaborate performances and gourmet treats. The band ‘Bloc of the wall’ was carefully selected to ensure it met the taste of the employees and got everyone on the dancefloor.


“It was as a really great night! Thank you SevenEvents for your hard work in pulling it together, and making our Holiday Party such as success yet again.”

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