capco offsite at the roundhouse


For the past few years Capco have held an offsite conference to kick off the year. This year was particularly special as it was their 20th Anniversary. The conference is to be followed by a party to celebrate everyone's hard work!


The iconic roundhouse was the venue chosen for this year. We set up an impressive production set for this conference with 1 large LED screen set up on the stage and 2 screens suspended in the air at the sides of the stage. 900 ghost chairs were set up with branded tote bags placed on them containing snacks, drinks and prizes for a lucky few! Once the conference had finished all guests moved up to the balcony, while we had an hour to turn the space into a party venue and unveil it as a surprise to guests. We achieved the element of surprise, largely with main stage production, taking the slick conference day look up a gear with SFX, lighting and opening with a LED drumming performance. We set up a street food market with club like vibes. To focus on the 20th anniversary we revealed an led projection mapped 20 installation. As it was a music venue Park Hotel were brought in to do a set followed by a DJ and another LED Drumming set.


“This was a successful event, that achieved the clients brief of having an impressive conference production set and then turning the same space into a great party with lots of surprises! "