CIOT Abbey Road


This was an annual drinks reception which was hosted by the newly appointed president of the CIOT. Each year, the venue represents the passions and interests of the companies new president. On this particular occasion, the theme was music. They were very keen to find a venue that was quintessentially British and valued the history of music.


There was only one venue that deemed worthy of this brief, and that was the iconic Abbey Road studios. Not only is this an incredibly versatile space with plenty of room for a drinks reception, it is also rich in music history and is still used as a working studio to this day. Once the venue was decided, Seven Events teamed up with the preferred caterers at Abbey Road, Harbour & Jones, to create a canape selection that was fitting with the tone of the evening. To add an extra special touch, the canapes were served on records and purpose built trays which looked like old cassette tapes. All of which tied in nicely with the theme surrounding the event. These were then served on the evening with a carefully selected drinks menu. The entertainment on the evening of the event was provided by a choral society, lead by a member of the CIOT, who was the conductor. The small choir sang a song, written especially for the event which linked to the work of the company, alongside songs from the Beatles and other famous bands that were renowned for recording at the famous studios. The guests were also treated to a talk from the Event Manager at Abbey Road, who is a fountain of knowledge and oracle when it comes to the history and knowledge of the venue, telling the guests several insightful and interesting stories. A truly unique experience and opportunity, something everyone enjoyed and cherished. The evening was a huge success and effectively conveyed the chosen theme


“I just wanted to say thanks very much for your support during our event at Abbey Road. As always it was reassuring to have you there and I couldn't have done it without you. I think that I can safely say that the event was a great success and we have set the bar very high for future events.” Lisa Drakley Events and Publications Manager CIOT

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