Deutsche Boerse

Event Type : Deutsche Boerse Online Energy Event

Attendee Numbers : 90

Location : HubSeven Platform

Other work : First event

SevenEvent Services

  • Virtual Event Management Platform
  • Studio AV and production design
  • Content management and speaker coaching
  • Live webinar and webcast management
  • Team building and delivery logistics
  • Budgetary management

The Event

Deutsche Boerse were looking to organise an online event for one of their departments with the focus on “how can we work better together in these troubled times”, lifting energy for the guests to start off the year. They were looking for a company to provide a structure to the event, along with ideas of how the event will run and the technology to make it happen. Our solution for this event was to start the day with two optional activities for the guests to pick from – either a mindfulness session or yoga session - followed by a smoothie making to really kick start the energy of the day. The short welcome speech began after the break, followed by two group activities, a virtual murder mystery as well as a virtual pub quiz, separated by lunch. Both of these activities involved guests working together in teams, solving problems but also having fun throughout to create a feel good buzz throughout the group. The event took place on our HubSeven virtual platform using our streaming service, and received positive feedback throughout.


Thank you all for a wonderful day and execution of the whole offsite. It was really a memorable experience for everyone.”

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