Lendinvest Company Offsite

Event Type : Company offsite

Attendee Numbers : 110

Location : Luton Hoo

SevenEvent Services

  • Venue sourcing, contracting and management
  • Event Management (Design, manage, deliver both pre and onsite)
  • AV/Production (Design, installation, managed)
  • Risk management, health and safety management
  • Delegate management
  • Team building
  • Budgetary management
  • Client de-brief and scoping sessions for continuous success

The Event

To reward employees for a good year Lendinvest wanted to take all the staff away for an offsite reward weekend. The weekend objective was to facilitate employee bonding in a relaxed environment and for management to reward staff. Luton Hoo was selected as the venue for the event, for it’s combination of being a country retreat and yet still easily accessible for the London based team. The programme kicked off with a mindfulness session to set the weekends intention and get the guests in the right frame of mind to be relaxed and open. Then following lunch the guests got active and competitive taking part in a variety of team building activities including Gladiator Tournament, Human Hungry Hippos and archery. The evening saw guests in their finest attire ready to attend a sparkling drinks reception followed by a delicious meal with awards to celebrate success stories from the year past and toast to a successful year ahead.


“Thank you so much for all your work, everyone had a great time and has returned to the office motivated and ready for the year ahead.”

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