Nintendo Product Launch


The launch of Nintendo 3DS to key retail suppliers Events to be held in Birmingham, London and Newcastle within a 2 week period. Each event was to be split into 3 areas for the guests to experience. Firstly the reception: the initial welcome to Nintendo 3DS Secondly, the Conference: guests have a 30 minute presentation from key Nintendo staff launching the product Finally, the trialling area: guests get to touch and feel the product whilst testing the new games launched


Nintendo were working to a very tight deadline sending out the initial brief 4 weeks before the event. We won the pitch by being the company who could provide all elements of the event from draping and lighting to the conference set and AV equipment in all three locations. We created a white theme for the reception area incorporating draping and furniture to ensure that guest’s attention was on the product straightaway. The set was designed and created to encapsulate Nintendo’s sleek image and we used a new concept called a tension fabric walling system which allows images to be printed onto the fabric and reused at future events. The ambience of the trialling room was created using white draping, uplighting and moving lights keeping within the theme of Nintendo, enhancing the experience rather than drawing attention away from the product. Goody bags were created for all the guest aswell as a mock up shop with all the point of sale merchandising. Our concept was incredibly well received and our adaptability in each venue stood out by creating a brand new conference set the day before the launch in Newcastle due to the venues smaller space.


“We have all been very impressed throughout. I felt it went well, looked great and most importantly impressed the client.” Mike Bevan Nintendo Account Manager BD Network