Seven Capital Group


Seven Capital Group wanted to celebrate Christmas by bringing together the whole group for the first time. The venue was set as the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham, and they wanted to theme the space, making the event extra special, incorporating a short company awards ceremony into the mix.


After an initial site visit to view the space we had for the party, we suggested a number of different themes and it was decided that we would bring a Frozen Christmas Theme to the Park Regis Hotel. The 15th floor of the Park Regis offers stunning views of the city and we took over the entire floor to create a complete Winter Wonderland for the main party. After draping our events space in white, a clean, white and modular bespoke set was built with a central screen and branded side panels, raised up onto a white carpeted stage, ready for the awards ceremony. A huge selection of snowy trees helped to create the theme, along with beautiful white chesterfield furniture and a mix of mirrored and ice block poseur tables. The real wow factor was the 4m length ice bar, up lit and engraved in brickwork to represent Seven Capital’s core business, as well as several branded ice sculptures around the room. Once we had the look right, we arranged for two snow queens to meet and greet guests as they arrived, before taking them down a white carpet and into the Frozen Party. At 10pm the after party began, taking guests up to the SkyBar with floor to ceiling windows for even better views. To create the right after party vibe, we added personalised vinyls to the doors to add to the exclusivity. There was a DJ behind a white booth raised up on a stage with large letters spelling out SEVEN lit up in front of the stage.