Close Brothers Motor Finance


Close Brothers Motor Finance hold their annual conference each Autumn to present their business messages for the year going forward. As part of their events calendar, a series of smaller roadshows take place in the Spring, to follow up on the content delivered at the conference. The attendees are based throughout the UK and so our challenge was to find various venues and locations that ensured there was fair access for everyone, ideally with groups no larger than 60 people attending each event.


Creating a custom map to show the various offices throughout the country helped us identify the best areas to base each roadshow, and from here we presented two or three options per location. The venues were quickly chosen and contracted, and from here we booked in the various elements to each event. All rooms were set up in a theatre style layout, with front projection, a stage and a top table, with a PA and a lapel mic for each member of the panel. Branding was placed around the venues at the most prominent points for maximum exposure. Each meeting started with an afternoon tea, followed by a presentation by each of the ExCo members and ended with some networking over drinks and a standing buffet.


“Seven events helped massively with our recent directors’ roadshows. They helped facilitate attendees and the events on the day. They were professional and helpful, and nothing was too much trouble.” Jill Hood.

venue finding