Travel Up

Event Type : Brand Marketing Activation

Attendee Numbers : 200,000 members of the public per day approx.

Location : Waterloo Train Station

Other work : Ad hoc events

SevenEvent Services

  • Venue sourcing, contracting and management
  • Strategic event programme design and management
  • Development of event content and programming
  • Event production (including all technical services, staffing and stewarding)
  • Event Management (Design, manage, deliver both pre and onsite)
  • Risk management, health and safety management
  • Budgetary management
  • Client de-brief and scoping sessions for continuous success

The Event

TravelUp approached SevenEvents to curate a brand activation experience in which passers by could “Visit Florida” for a few minutes. As part of TravelUp’s new “Up Yours” campaign”, SevenEvents sourced the location at the main concourse at Waterloo station and produced an immersive installation to gain brand exposure for both TravelUp and Visit Florida. The installation centralised around a VR experience in which guests could gain knowledge and insight into Florida as a destination by taking a journey through the highlights of Florida. The installation replicated a Florida beach scene by utilising canvas wrap and vinyl flooring with mounted heaters to bring the heat to London.


‘All in all we are very happy with how everything went. We can’t fault the stand and the organisation of the whole event.”

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