angelee rathor


15 years’ experience

angelee is the founder and director of the company, she took a giant leap 10 years ago to dive into the world of events and has never looked back.

Why Events

they are the most effective form of marketing or communication, because they are based on real, human interactions. hosting an event allows a brand to form and foster genuine relationships with its audience – an authenticity that can’t be replicated in any other form of communication. With my love of business and my business marketing degree the belief from my investor sevenevents was born in 2009.

Best Moment

the re-emergence of the industry in 2021: the gradual-then-sudden realisation that we’d made it through the worst and our profession would survive. going out into the market to hire people and grow teams again was a wonderfully joyous experience. as for me it’s about the people and the team we have is what makes us so successful.

Personal Passions

i’m a dedicated wife and mother to my two children. family plays a big part of my life and helps me to stay focused. a love for travel, shopping, mayfair and drinking champagne means i am living the dream and feel truly blessed with all the opportunities I have.