Cheyenne Spears

event manager

7 years’ experience

cheyenne is an event manager based in our birmingham office. she has a busy workload servicing our midlands-based clients and does it all with smile.

Why Events

i knew events was for me because the prospect of doing a job where no two days were the same was too much to pass up on. i wanted to meet lots of new people, explore new countries and be a part of some amazing experiences.

Best Moment

i have had a few but finishing my first event was a big one! i also had the opportunity to go to malta for a conference where i met so many industry professionals which was fascinating, plus visiting somewhere i wouldn’t have necessarily gone to otherwise was an added bonus.

Personal Passions

i love going to new places and soaking in the atmosphere! i am also a massive foodie so getting to taste the food and drink as i go is a must. working at seven events allows me to discover new places i may not have heard of otherwise, it’s the perfect way to find some hidden gems!