Graham Wadsworth

Account Director

20 + years (let’s not count too much!)

Graham heads up the account management team, supporting our internal teams as they grow our clients’ ideas into memorable experiences.

Why Events

I ‘fell’ into this world after a 12-year dance career. I love being able to help our clients grow their ambitions from ideas on a piece of paper to a real-life experience. I live for that ‘Wow!’ moment, when they see their project come to life for the very first time.

Best Moment

After such a long career, there are so many memorable moments, from marching 200 cadets down the streets of Sandhurst, from the Military Academy, to becoming a Guinness World Record holder. What keeps me in events is the moment of excited expectation just as we’re about to open the doors to our audience.

Personal Passions

My career has given me the opportunity to travel the world, meeting incredible people and experiencing their cultures along the way. I love travelling even more if I can do it, while I’m sailing!

When there’s no water around, you’ll probably find me in a theatre somewhere, playing badminton, watching sport or having dinner with friends.