Grant Dullage

Corporate Travel Manager

10 Years

Why Travel

I travel to learn and have the freedom to form my own impressions of each country. It's about witnessing new sights and creating lasting memories that enrich my life. My childhood experiences of traveling with my parents have instilled in me a deep appreciation for exploration, making it an essential part of my life. Moreover, I have developed a genuine fascination for hotels, revelling in the diverse designs and service levels they offer, each with its own unique charm and character.

Best Moment

Although hard to choose, one of the most memorable experiences was while on safari in Kenya, staying at Mahali Mzuri. Driving back from an exhilarating game drive, we unexpectedly encountered a lone female lion. Intrigued, we followed her for a while, only to hear a distant roar. Tracking the sound, we came upon a scene where a lion was preying on a Maasai cow. The drama didn't end there, as a group of three young Maasai boys and two adults bravely chased away a pride of lions, albeit too late to save the cow. It was one of those unbelievably rare sightings that made me feel incredibly fortunate to have witnessed such a raw display of the circle of life.

Personal Passions

My personal passions revolve around delving into ancient history and advocating for conservation. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to stay with the Black Mambas, the first all-female anti-poaching unit, and participate in vital rhino conservation efforts. When it comes to ancient history, I find cultures from Ancient Egypt to the Maya fascinating, and I make it a point to visit and explore as many ancient sites off the tourist radar as possible.