kate shepherd

senior event executive

3 years’ experience

Kate is an enthusiastic and creative senior event executive who brings with her a pr and marketing background, bringing added insights for our clients and helping to build the Seven brand.

Why Events

a passion for world travel and a love of unique, exciting events led me to my perfect career. as a creative planner with an eye for detail there is nothing better than seeing guests happy. my marketing background highlighted how events can empower connections and create memories.

Best Moment

i love focusing on the small details that make an event extra special so when you see that it has paid off, it’s a really inspiring moment. i am excited to work on new projects where i can bring my ideas for a special event to life.

Personal Passions

i travel the world whenever i can, and i am always keen to visit adventurous destinations where i can push myself. my passions for skiing and waterskiing will always see me trying a beautiful place to practice. when i am in london, i am usually having dinner with friends, but i also enjoy baking and spin classes (as long as there is brunch afterwards).