vicki bahra

event executive

2 years’ experience

vicki has been nonstop since joining the team. she is a natural with our clients, enthusiastic and dedicated to progressing her career and by best servicing our clients.

Why Events

i have always had a passion for creating face-to-face meetings for people and designing events so they amaze attendees and look beautiful! i wanted to make this my career so i can combine both my interests and work into one, so this makes the events industry perfect for me.

Best Moment

there have already been so many incredible experiences whilst I have been working with sevenevents. i would say working with clients to plan their christmas and summer parties has been my favourite as they sometimes want to take these to the next level and they become a lot of fun!

Personal Passions

I love a bit of glam but also have an adventurous side which makes this industry perfect for me! My favourite things in life are my family and friends, travelling and experiencing the extraordinary (with a glass of champagne in hand!).