Asian Cookery School Masterclass


professional chef
chef’s hats & aprons
all ingredients
all equipment, including induction hobs
3 dishes; choose from: thai, chinese, vietnamese, indian or korean cuisine
prizes for the winning team
project management
full onsite event management


Hosted at our Soho cookery school, this is one of our most popular team building experiences, and a team personal favourite, combining learning a new skill, team building and great food. Guests will get the opportunity to prepare different recipes under the tutelage of professional chefs, who will provide advice, tips, and techniques to ensure everyone great dishes from everyone. The event will culminate with everyone sitting down to enjoy their food and the prizes for the top chefs!

why this event

This event is an ideal opportunity to support the breaking down of barriers amongst team members, encouraging communication and just ensuring everyone has a fun and a shared, memorable experience. Ideal for introducing new teams, developing relationships or networking with clients, it is an event for every occasion.

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