Bear Grylls Survival Experience


Experienced Bear Grylls Survival Academy Instructors
Bespoke survival kit
Activities and challenges to suit all ages and abilities
Project management
Full onsite event management


"It may hurt a little"

Seven Events are proud to be partnering with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to provide you with the opportunity to partake in the ultimate survival challenge, have you got what it takes to survive?

This truly is a survival experience like no other. With highly trained instructors, from Bear Grylls very own survival academy, teams are guaranteed to be put through their paces as they learn all the essential teamwork, leadership and survival skills to succeed.

why this event

Looking for that WOW factor, something to leave a lasting impression amongst staff or clients? Then the Bear Grylls Survival Experience is the team building event for you.

Bear Grylls is arguably one of the most recognisable survival experts in the world. What better way to deliver a relevant and memorable team building experience than one inspired by Bear's own experiences.

This team building event can be personalised for any requirement, and regardless of capabilities, the programme can be tailored for any level, making it a truly inclusive experience, one that will have people talking for weeks to come. Furthermore, despite appearances, it is an incredibly flexible event and can be run in a large majority of outdoor spaces throughout the UK and internationlly.

Our clients often book the Bear Grylls Survival Experence when working towards developing:

Future leaders
Interdepartmental communication
Problem-solving skills
Lateral thinking
Positive team dynamics

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