facilitated by former Scotland yard detectives
all equipment, including forensic equipment, body suits, masks & gloves
crime scene
prizes for the winning team
project management
full onsite event management


Enter the world of real life crime scene investigation, whilst enjoying fine dining! Under the guidance of Scotland Yard’s very own finest, you and your team will get to grips with real forensic techniques, such as finger print, ballistic and dental analysis, before putting them to the test on the real evidence. Guided through the different stages of the investigation between and after courses, you and your team will have to put their new found skills and detective expertise to the test , if they are going to successfully solve the crime.

why this event

combining our popular Crime Scene Experience, with the enjoyment of fine dining, we have created an inclusive experience, ideal for any occasion. Whether a company or team dinner or a networking event with clients, our Crime & Dine team building event is designed to develop team relationships, discourage unhealthy competition and to support the development of interdepartmental trust.

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