Eccentric Richard O’Brian, inspired, host
Physical, skill, mental and mystery challenges

Themed zones:

Inflatable Crystal Dome
All equipment
Inflatable crystal dome finale
Prizes for the winning team
Project Management
Full Event Management


Inspired by popular 90’s TV game show, “The Crystal Maze”, our Crystal Challenge, much like the show, has weathered the test of time, continuing to be our most popular experience. You and your colleagues will face a myriad of challenge inspired by the show; mental, physical, skill & mystery themed tasks, competing to earn as many crystals as possible. All of this whilst hastening between the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic Zones under the expert guidance of our Richard O’Brian host and expert events team! The experience will culminate in teams entering into the crystal dome to frantically collect as many gold tickets as they can, the team with the most tickets will be crowned the winners! Start the fans please….

why this event

The crystal challenge can be run as an indoor, or outdoor, team building experience. This is the perfect event for people looking to build long-lasting teams, in a fun engaging manner and without any of the stigmas of traditional team building. Conversely, just looking for a fun, bonding experience, or simply to reward your team? Look no further.

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