Ex Special Forces Instructors
All equipment
Prizes for the winning team
Project management
Full onsite event management


The Diamond Heist is a unique twist on the typical team building experience, have you and your team got what it takes to play the bad guys or girls? Can you put together a detailed plan with your fellow villains and apply your newly acquired skills to execute the perfect robbery?

The Diamond Heist provides an opportunity of pure escapism as you take the role of a criminal mastermind, experience the excitement of the raid, the gang’s tension and the thrill of the getaway. Have you got what it takes to steal the priceless diamonds or will you spend time behind bars!?

why this event

The Diamond Heist puts a unique twist on the standard team building experience, putting teams outside of their comfort zones, in a situation that (hopefully) they would never usually be in. With all the various elements, roles, planning and execution this is a true team building experience, combined with an extremely fun element.

An ideal, outdoor, team building experience, you can guarantee this will have staff talking for weeks to come as they reminisce about their successful heist!

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