Qualified instructor
Dragon boats
Safety boat & qualified operators
High visability safety wristbands
Decorative Chinese flags
Professional commentary with music
Leader board
Prizes for the winning teams
Project management
Full onsite event management


Dragon boat racing is a unique and competitive experience , designed to push teams to perform at their very best. Based on ancient Chinese tradition from some 2,000 years ago, Dragon Boat Racing has become one of the fastest growing corporate sports in Britain.

Part of the appeal of Dragon Boat Racing is its ability to get everyone working together in a very short space of time. It gives a lasting sense of both team and individual achievement, and is particularly good for large groups

why this event

Dragon Boat Events provides the ultimate team building platform to boost morale whilst promoting key abilities essential in a work environment. Dragon Boat Racing is an exhilarating and addictive sport that requires communication and team work to be successful.

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