Get in the Zone


Professional comedic compere
Over 100 different activities
Prizes for the winning team
Full AV system
All equipment
Project management
Full on site event management


Get in the Zone; it’s inclusive, fun and suitable for everyone. With an incredible 120 page task book, teams must compete in over 100 varied challenges from the Physical, Mental, Skill and Creative Zones. Your team can complete the activities in any order as every challenge falls within one of these Zones. We bring all the 100 activities with us so teams must decide amongst themselves where their strengths lie with the aim to win as many points as possible.
The activity will start with a welcome from our presenter. They will start with a number of energisers. Your group will then be briefed and the activity will be underway.

It’s up to the teams which of the activities they partake in, this activity is all about using the strengths in your team to gain as many points. Along the way the whole group will be brought back into the room for head to head group challenges. The activity will end with a wrap up and the scores and winners shall be announced. The room will be set up with teams working around their own team tables.

Our outdoor version sees all the same activities but each zone having its own marquee with flags and banners to create real atmosphere. We also supply team tables all you need to bring is yourselves.

Example Challenges
Physical – ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ As a team you must try and score as many points by hitting the target.
Skill – ‘Gameboy’ A bit of a retro one as you must try and score as many points on the famous Tetris.
Creative – ‘Big Ben’ Sculpt London’s most famous landmark.
Mental – ‘Up Close’ Can you guess the object when they’re magnified.

why this event

Get in the Zone is, quite literally, a unique team building experience, from its theme, format and contribution to developing team dynamics. Unlike any other team building experience we offer, Get in the Zone, really allows people to create their own experience, try out their strengths and weaknesses and do so in their manner. It offers a unique opportunity to observe colleagues outside of the office, having fun, but doing so with purpose. It is ideal for supporting the development of new teams, breaking down barriers, encouraging trust and improving communication amongst colleagues.

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