Professional fun facilitators
All equipment
Project management
Full onsite event management


Time to put your team to the test as they work to create a Stomp-style performance.

Under the guidance of our professional facilitators, teams will learn how to create their own musical, west end, performance…using every day house hold items!

Hard hats & high visibility jackets a boon, teams will be taught how to recreate the various melodies, tones and rhythms available on a variety of unusual and exquisite instruments. Your team will be transformed into a musical junk ensemble as they create their own routine that combines their musical skills with some chosen moves.

why this event

Junk Funk provides a truly unique, creative experience, a step away from the popular drumming events. Its unusual instruments, routines, and theme, combined with its energized delivery make for a high impact experience guaranteed to wow everyone and ensure a lasting impression.

Junk Funk is inclusive to all comers, we do not require experience and would be surprised if there was! With a wide variety of roles inherent within the event, there is something for everyone. This event is ideal as a conference icebreaker, or team building experience to energise guests for any conference.

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