Launch your own Chocolate Company


Expert facilitator for marketing/branding session
Professional chocolatiers and assistants
All equipment
All premium ingredients for high quality chocolate production
A booklet detailing the challenges for each team, personalised to the client
Packaging, boxes and ribbon
Project management
Full onsite event management


A combination of chocolate making and the apprentce, Launch Your Own Chocolate Company , provides a memorabe event, encouraging creativity, team work and the sharing of skill sets.

Teams will be tasked with the challenge on creating their very own chocolate company. Guided by our team of experts, they will learn how to develop a marketing and product strategy, including packaging.

Teams will then be taken under the wings of our professional chocolatiers, who will instruct and support them in the creation of their very own unique, handmade, chocolates. The event wraps up with teams presenting their company and product to an expert judging panel. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team!

why this event

With business at the core of this experience, it is ideal for leaders looking to test their team’s creative and business acumen, in a simulated and professional environment. With the various roles inherent within the tasks, teams will be required to ascertain the various strengths and weaknesses within the team and capitalise upon them. Furthermore, with the inclusion of chocolate making you can ensure everyone will have fun doing it! Creating a lasting and chocolate filled experience.

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