The Leadership GPS Challenge


iPad per team
Purpose built app
Photo & video Challenges
Location specific trivia
Live scoreboard
Prizes for the winning team
Photos & videos provided post event
Project management
Full onsite event management


The biggest obstacle for aspiring leaders is a lack of experience. Utlising a unique app and the latest GP technology we have created a platform for putting future leaders to the test, a programme that gives participants the opportunity to go ahead and fail and learn from their mistakes in a safe and supportive enviornment.

The teams will be faced with a series of dynamic challenges: trivia, physical, photo and video tasks. with shifting expectations and unexpected deadlines, with the aim of creating the uncertainties and the changeability of working life.

The Leadership Challenge works perfectly to compliment a leadership programme, not only because it reinforces all aspects of the learning journey, but also because it provides a shared and memorable experience for the group.

why this event

This activity will test team’s attention to detail, require an exceptional memory and help to develop team working and communication skills.

• Creative thinking process for idea generation and effective decision making
• Impact of a VUCA world and how actively engaging with uncertainty requires high levels of agility
• Importance of flexing your leadership style to work with and through others
• Key principles of teamwork and leadership – shared vision, innovation, communication, delegation, resource and time management, creative conflict and trust
• How to deliver data-based feedback and bring out the best in people
• Enhanced ability to inspire and influence
• Personal development needs to build leadership capability

Looking for an experience to test the metal of the future leaders of your business, then this is the event for you.

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