Masterpiece Challenge


Art materials
Canvases for each team
Project management
Full on site event management


Teams will be tasked with reproducing a giant sized art installation, one that has been created by yourselves. Each team will work together on their individual canvases, completing a number of challenges to earn the equipment required to complete this tasks.

Each team will be provided with a separate part of the overall image to complete, the event will culminate in the teams put together their individual canvases to reveal the final, big picture!

why this event

This experience is designed to encourage big picture thinking, pun intended, giving team’s perspective on how all the separate elements come together to become a successful team or business. It is also a fantastic event to allow people creative juices to flow and most importantly you will have created your art piece, something to take back to office, something to remind the teams of their hard work and to reinforce the experience.

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