Pie Making Workshop


professional chef
chef’s hats & aprons
all ingredients
all equipment, including induction hobs
3 dishes
choose from: thai, chinese, vietnamese, indian or korean
prizes for the winning team
project management
full onsite event management


Our Pie Making Workshop is a real hands on cooking and baking experience as teams, under the expert guidance of our chefs, learn to make a host of savoury and sweet pies. Everything from creating the perfect short crust pastry to cooking the succulent meat filling, there is something new for everyone. The event will culminate with everyone sitting down to enjoy their food and the prizes for the top chefs!

why this event

This is an ideal opportunity to support the breaking down of barriers amongst team members, encouraging communication whilst ensuring everyone has a fun and memorable experience. This is the ideal away day, for a team building experience or as a reward. You might also consider supporting a homeless charity and providing them with some of your very own pies!

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