Professional comedic host
Fresh smoothie ingredients
All equipment
project management
full onsite event management


Have you and your team got what it takes to create and launch your own smoothie a brand?

This jam packed and juicy activity will see teams working together, collaboratively, as they create a delicious new drink, using the ingredients provided, research their target market and create a plan for the design, pitch and launch of their new brand! Hosted by our professional comedic host, this event is guaranteed to be a fast paced, fun experience, culminating in a business pitch to investors.

why this event

With business at the core of this experience, it is ideal for leaders looking to test their team’s creative and business acumen, in a simulated and fun environment. With the various roles inherent within the tasks, teams will be required to ascertain the various strengths and weaknesses within the team and capitalise upon them. Furthermore, combining this with the creative element of designing and creating their very own smoothie, makes for a fun filled experience.

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