Professional comedic compere
Tools workshop
Team pit stations
Inflatable race track
Prizes for the winning team
Project management
Full onsite events management


Reminiscent of the famous Red bull soapbox, teams get their opportunity to satisfy their creative juices and “need for speed”, as they develop and construct a race-ready, self-propelled Soap Box car, using the materials and tools provided. Once the teams have assembled their car, it is then up to them as to how creative they will get with the design, however the better it looks, the higher up the grid you will start, when it comes to the race!

After a spectacular procession of cars, it is time to hit the race track. The drivers will be vying for that poll position, have you and your team got what it takes?

why this event

Looking for something to get people thinking creatively, as a team, whilst encouraging friend competition? Look no further. Soap Box Derby has been designed as the perfect, outdoor and memorable experience, ideal if you are look to encourage the development of team dynamics, communication and to get them thinking creatively whilst having an inclusive, fun experience.

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