Ex Special Forces Instructors
Mission pack for each team
Digital camera for each team
Prizes for the winning team
Project management
Full onsite event management


Armed with a digital camera, Spy Dollars, a unique password and a number of cryptic clues, your team will begin a series of intelligence gathering missions around your chosen city.

Teams will be tasked wth earning as many Spy Dollars as possible, through the successful completion of spy related challenges; such as meeting with informants and double agents, gathering clues and carrying out code breaking challenges.

why this event

Combining the popular Spy Theme and nostalgic treasure hunt experience, the Spy Hunt will appeal to a variety of guests.With a wide variety of challenges to complete throughout the event, focusing heavily on the team's ability to communicate, think laterally and plan, it really can be tailored for everyone, of any ability. The Spy Hunt will guarantee a fun, energetic team building experience, inclusive to all, without actually feeling like team building!

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