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Inspired by the popular television series, this is the ultimate business focused team building game.

Teams must compete to create a brand new product, from the materials provided, an aspect we can make relative to your industry or sector. Participants must ensure the products are to the highest standards, prior to hypothetically launching them to the marketing and pitching them to potential investors.

Teams will also be required to script, film & edit a short advert, related to their product, on one of our iPad suites.

At the end of the process only one team, and their new product, can be selected for investment, have you got what it takes?

Product ideas:

Chocolate – Teams must create a brand new box of chocolates. They must make the chocolates, come up with a business plan, create a brand and film an advert.

Smoothie – The hard pressed UK smoothie industry now worth £1.5bn. Teams must first get hands-on with their produce by choosing, chopping, pealing, skinning, squeezing and blending their ingredients before preparing their products for market.

Magazine – The UK sold 21.2 million copies of glossy magazines last year, which continues to dominate digital sales. Can your team create a brand new, never been seen before magazine that will instantly have a strong readership following?

why this event

With business at the core of this experience, it is ideal for leaders looking to test their team’s creative and business acumen, in a simulated and professional environment. With the various roles inherent within the tasks, teams will be required to ascertain the various strengths and weaknesses within the team and capitalise upon them. Furthermore, with the ability to tailor the content of the activity, we can adapt the event to ensure it is relevant to the group and your objectives.

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