The Bake off Experience


Professional Baker
All Ingredients
Cooking equipment & ovens
Prizes for the winning team
Project management
Full onsite event management


Inspired by one of Britain’s most popular TV shows, teams will get the opportunity to compete for the title of Star Baker! Hosted by a professional chef & baker, participants will be get a taste of the TV show environment, mixing, kneading and baking their way through a series of challenges. From the technical bake, to the show stopper, judges will be there to inspect and sample the results of your hard work, before deciding the winning team!

why this event

The Bake off event provides a fun, energetic, but high pressure experience, really putting participants to the test. Teams will need to collaborate to successfully manage all the timings and techniques if they are going to succeed. This is a great experience for those looking to encourage team collaboration and communication whilst providing a great opportunity to see how people work under pressure, outside of the office environment.

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