The Hunter Experience


Run by professional Hunters & Ex-Surveillance experts
All equipment
Prices for the winning team
Project management
Full on site event management


Inspired by the Channel 4 TV show “Hunted” and run by members of the production team, teams will join the experts as they receive world class training in the art of covert surveillance. Piecing together all this training and intelligence, teams will be deployed to track down their own targets, under the guidance of the professionals.

An experience like no other, do you have what it takes to compete in this fast paced experience? Sharp analytical skill and teamwork are imperative to succeed.

why this event

Looking to push teams outside their comfort zones, put them under pressure? This is the ideal experience, with a strong focus on communication and leadership ability this is the ideal event to test the mettle of any team, whilst providing an inclusive, engaging and unique experience.

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