iPad per team
Purpose built app
Photo & video Challenges
Location specific trivia
Live scoreboard
Prizes for the winning team
Photos & videos provided post event
Project management
Full onsite event management


Utilising a unique app and the latest GPS technology, The Pitch provides a refreshing twist on the apprentice themed team building experience.

The Pitch provides a highly engaging and interactive game designed to test the participant's entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. Teams, with the app to guide them, will be tasked with creating, marketing and pitching a product to demonstrate their abilities.

Divided into three distinct sections, teams aim to fulfill a range of business objectives in a logical order – everything from designing logos, filming adverts and creating marketing materials, interviewing potential consumers and creating a prototype product from materials gathered during the day.

The event will wrap up with the top teams presenting their products to their peers, where they will use the app to vote for their favorite team in a tense finale!

why this event

With business at the core of this experience, it is ideal for leaders looking to test their team’s creative and business acumen, in a simulated and professional environment. With the various roles inherent within the tasks, teams will be required to ascertain the various strengths and weaknesses within the team and capitalise upon them combined with an intuitive, purpose-built, app, this event can be tailored to any requirement is very popular for clients onboarding new staff, looking to tackle certain team dynamics or as a great away day experience for their teams.

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