Giant Inflatable Cube, with lighting effects
Comedic compere host
Prizes for the winning team
Project management
Full onsite event management


Inspired by the popular TV show, “The Cube”, teams get their opportunity to experience it for themselves! Complete with The Host, The Body, with game show lighting and a 3m x 3m Inflatable Cube, guests work in teams to face a series of nail biting challenges, inspired by the TV show.

There are a plethora of challenges, where teams can win entry to the Qube for nominated members of their team, some will involve everyone, some just a few members. They will also be able to win all important aides; swap a contestant, pass, simplify or take a trial run, but you must use these wisely.

why this event

The Qube is a great indoor event for those looking for something energetic and challenging. Designed to be inclusive of everyone The Qube is an ideal way to provide a fun and competitive challenge, great for mixed groups and supporting the development of team dynamics.

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