Professional Compere
Live trading screens
Media hub
Authentic business simulation
All equipment
Project management
Full on site event management


Trading Wars is an adrenaline filled, high stake and authentic simulation of trading on the World Stock Market. Led by a professional compere, who takes the role of business tycoon, teams will be arranged, trading screens will be primed and money will be made! Teams will compete to earn as much money as they can through trading on the market, this will really tests participant’s knowledge of micro & macroeconomics, as trading windows change and they receive live updates, news clips & tweets.

Buy low, sell high, will teams have what it takes to win, or will they lose it all, in this fast paced, fun and interactive experience.

why this event

This is the perfect standalone experience or it can be comfortably run over an evening dinner. This experience has been designed with communication and cooperation in mind, ensuring teams are required to focus on team work, whilst managing the varying roles inherent within the activity, to ensure success. Looking for something to put your team through their paces, whilst developing team relations, Trading Wars is the ideal event for you.

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