Ultimate GPS Challenge


iPad per team
Purpose built app
Photo & video Challenges
Location specific trivia
Live scoreboard
Prizes for the winning team
Photos & videos provided post event
Project management
Full onsite event management


There are so many GPS themes to choose from, not sure? The the Ultimate GPS Challenge is the perfect solution.

This unique app and GPS technology includes a combination of all of our favourite tasks and challenges from our favourite themes, Urban GPS Explorer, Spy School & The Pitch.

Teams must navigate around your chosen locations, competing to earn as many points as possible, by completing a series of challenges, highlighted on the app through GPS “hotspots”. Each hotspot will present teams with their challenges; photos, videos and local trivia tasks, all whilst the other teams rush to complete the same challenges, quicker than you!

With a myriad of locations and challenges, no two events are ever the same and the experience can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether exploring a specific location or including business related trivia and task, this event can be 100% bespoke to you.

why this event

In a location for the day, want to get to know it better? Or perhaps you have international guests joining? Look no further, this is a versatile, interactive and fun experience, inclusive to everyone. With an intuitive, purpose built, app, this event can be tailored to any requirement and is very popular for clients moving offices to new locations, on boarding new staff, or as a great away day experience for their teams.

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