hubseven – customisable virtual event platform

Introducing HubSeven

hubseven is our customisable online event platform for all your virtual event needs. think of this as your venue online, an integrated event application which creates an authentic event experience for attendees in an online event solution. sevenevents developed hubseven as a cost-effective option, while always ensuring our same high level of standards and personal touch. you will be working directly with us and our expert team who are waiting to help you interact, engage and innovate through your next virtual event.


more than an online conferencing platform hubseven is an accessible and secure, fully customisable virtual event solution. our platform incorporates features such as live chat, q&a’s and polling to encourage interaction and maintain engagement. you can tailor unique attendee experiences with different agendas to allow simultaneous sessions to run, whilst keeping the content varied by linking up for breakout sessions, one to one meetings and team activities all from the hub.

Ensuring Virtual Event Success

hubseven can facilitate live sessions or pre-recorded content. to deliver this we offer a professional live streaming service including rehearsals, virtual green room and full production management. during the planning stages we will work with your team to help you deliver your content in the most engaging way. our combination of online event platform and production will help you elevate your event from more than just a standard virtual conference software to ensure event success.

Key Features

HubSeven is an integrated event application which creates an authentic event experience for attendees in a web-based platform.

Live stream sessions straight into the platform
Customise elements of the platform to your specific event needs

Create attendee groups for unique attendee experiences, as required

Interactive features; live chat, Q&A and session feedback
Networking and sponsorship showcase opportunities
Link to breakout sessions in external software (platform capability coming soon)
Event data analytics
Secure access gateway
Cost effective solution