virtual studio denham grove

virtual studio denham grove

this week we checked out the new virtual studio denham grove, a new offering for virtual or hybrid events – offering a fully immersive presentation experience, utilising an led screen, lighting and audio, which can be completely customised to any requirements or brand.

what is different about this one, is that there is also a bespoke interactive event lobby attached to the suite. you have the ability to welcome your guests in a virtual lobby, where participants can interact with one another via chat functionality, or can watch pre-recorded videos and download information relating to the event.  from the event website, guests can click through to navigate round the lobby, like they would a normal event.

this virtual lobby can also act as a virtual exhibition, with products or services showcased via virtual exhibition booths – the opportunities are endless.

as with other set ups, the studio can stream through to our hub7, and we can provide a professional broadcast to your guests, combining it with our delegate management platform too.

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